About Us

Who we are

Dux is established with a commitment & vision to provide high quality, re-usable component and cloud APIs to its clients, help them overcome their toughest technology challenge and get rapid return on investment.

Companies & developers are empowering their business applications by using our cloud APIs and components and investing their precious time in solving business problems instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Company History

​In 2008 Dux entered the IT industry as a custom software development and consulting company primarily focused on providing cross platform development, web/mobile apps development services to various business.

In 2012, the company changed its business plans and decided to provide customised & ready made components, cloud apis for various platforms including .net, java, android & ios.

Corporate Credo

Our organization is built on following inherent values:


Our Team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals that will provide you great developer experience, unrivaled technical assistance and highly-qualified support. Our employees are the foundation of our success! Individual dignity is valued and we encourage cultural diversity of all employees, treating everyone with respect.


Every employee of Dux is a part of an efficient functioning team. We harmonize our contributions and work towards a common goal. Team building is not a one-time event for us – it’s our philosophy and corporate culture. We work well together, and our customers recognize it.

Customer Success

We identify and meet our customers’ needs a key to a continued successful business relationship. It’s our top priority as a company. No matter how good our products are, the one thing that separates Dux from other vendors is our ability to ensure customer satisfaction.

Business Ethics

We respect our customers, act and speak ethically. Business ethics is the fabric of our strategies and drives our corporate culture.